Shark 3.1

domingo, 17 de agosto de 2008

Hoy les presento la nueva versión de este excelente troyano. Esta versión es mucho más estable que la anterior y actualmente es detectada por muy pocos antivirus.
Cambios oficiales por sus creadores: sNiper109 y rockZ

* Server-Summary had a mistake
* Client now uses Double-Variable Type for calculating Idletime
* Statistics Window not resizeable anymore
* Server-Auth-Window had an old sharK icon
* DOS Shell will be started automatically (when auto-refresh is activated)
* ADS is no longer set as default install folder since the installation routine needs more time
* RegExport & Plugin Installation working with Createprocess instead of shell() -> Faster!
* Plugin Uninstalling is way faster
* Faster File/Registry Listing
* Fixed some typos

* sharK Autosizes Columnheaders
* Regstartup-Resetting is more aggressive
* Server did not reconnect some times when disconnecting from the internet
* Some little changes
* sharK offline keylogger not noticeable anymore by lagging keyboards
* Added few idiotchecks (e.g. Servername Restriction)
* Faster GUI
* Renamed "Autostart Manager" -> "Startup Manager" and moved to "SYSTEM" menu
* Confirmation box before client exit
* Tr Queue has Minimize Button
* Better Ping Handling

Bug Fixes
* Sleep until next reboot now working
* Shark sometimes removed too many startup entries
* Fixed ShellWait() Routine -> Wait_For_Files_Termination (Server File Binder) is now working
* sharK adds Hash-Value of Path into Thumbpreview-Files for prevent problems with equal filenames
* shark crashed when making SIN Window too small
* sharK didn't list installed apps when Distributor, Version or Uninstallstring is missing
* Little fix in Pluginsystem
* Fixed Bug in Modulelisting/Pluginuploading
* 3.0 Servers are not updateable when having spaces in path

New Features
+ sharK shows total queued files/size in transfer queue + total ETA; transfer queue smaller sized
+ Memory Injection in Filebinder possible as Startmethod
+ You can move your transfer-items up/down in your queue
+ sharK uses Transfer-System for receiving keylogger-offlog -> VERY fast but not compatible to shark 3.0 server
+ You can hide the featurewindow taskbar
+ sharK will remove titlebar/form border when maximizing a feature window
+ sharK re-sets periphery blocks each 200ms when suspending/deactivating/locking stuff (e.g. keyboard) for prevent bypassing
+ Recoded Server installation part - MUCH faster installation!
+ You can capture only the foreground window optionally
+ Remote URL Monitor (Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer & Derivates)
+ Remote Clipboard Monitor
+ Keylogger seperates logs for each window
+ You can autosave the desk previews in the server folders
+ You can set "No Server Installation" in server builder
+ You can set "Also Start Server when installation fails" in server builder
+ You can see the desktop preview also in Report-Listview
+ Remote Chat Monitor (Working with: QIP, QIP Infium, Miranda, Miranda Me, ICQ Lite, ICQ6, Waste, Yahoo Msg, MSN 4)
+ Socks4 Reverse Proxy (STABLE! NO Beta anymore!)
+ Server will also start bound files when another server instance is already running
+ sharK does not use jpglib anymore, Pics are made smaller by setting BitsPerPixel --> Faster Screencap, Webcam Cam, Thumb & Preview Creation
+ You can set the remote clipboard
+ Serverprocess will be marked blue in Process/Open Port-List
+ You can sort almost every listview (asc & desc)
+ New Popup Style + Serverwindow will be opened on popup click
+ SharK now saves its settings via a configuration file, not via registry - old important settings are importable (port & password)
+ Profilesystem for Serverbuilder
+ Liteserver! (~600 Bytes)
+ sharK highlights own startup entry in Startup Manager
+ sharK does not connect all socket tunnels on connect. Only when opening the server window, shark will link the cam/screen/transfer socket
+ Startup Monitor: SharK servers will warn the clients when their startup entries are removed and aggressive mode is activated

Releases Notes
* Serversize: 168 KB (with fwb++, packed)
* Most Features are only working with a 3.1 server of course, some old features are not working on 3.0 servers due to syntax changes
* Due to massive changes, the sharK 3.1 client cannot interact anymore with shark 3.0.0 keyloggers
* The URL and Chat Monitor are unique features in a beta state. Wrong Results are possible.
* Due to the new connection system you can't use 3.1 servers with 3.0 clients

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